XEROCAMPOS is the village south of LEROS with a beautiful view of KALYMNOS
. In fact after a few days, you’ll feel like it’s very far to get there, about 15 minutes by scooter all the same !!!

This corner of the AEGEAN SEA, where song and rhythm, sun and sea coexist in harmony, was chosen by the goddess ARTEMIS to establish her throne. Since then, the men have raised castles, temples, monasteries and houses, respecting the natural environment and the historical heritage, keeping intact the typical architectural features of the DODEKANISOS.

There are four taverns: The tavern TO ALONI is for the jet-set, the tavern PORTO NIKOLA
is more appreciated by the Greeks and TO KYMA is the tourist tavern. The tavern TRECHANTIRI further back from the seaside is one of the most appreciated on the island by the Greeks with a unique freshness of poissions and very local rates !!

THE AEGEAN SEA is there, bright; its waves merrily splash the coves, bays and harbours sheltered from the winds, gently caressing the serene shores. You’re in LEROS ! Authentic and benevolent, it welcomes you for a family holiday. His scented breeze would chase away all your worries. Modern facilities, unique beaches, a wide variety of water sports and remarkable cultural events will make your stay unforgettable.

The hill on your right contains the remains of the german military installations that inspired the films NAVARONE Cannons. It is possible to get there but it is not very simple.

XEROCAMPOS Bay is an excellent fairground anchorage that many boaters use to stay for several days with pontoons facilitating landings.

Wherever you look, beautiful views will delight your eyes. Low hills record their gentle curves on the horizon; Immense green plains extend to the sea.

For your information, the inhabitants of XEROCAMPOS are actually a little confined to the south of the island they really live between them and for the Leriotes, XEROCAMPOS is already a bit KALYMNOS

Following the path on your left you arrive at
to visit La Chapelle deans l’eau. Further it is simply the end of the world, with the shepherds and their goats in sheep…